Carrying on again on the topic of Agile, individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Here is a development process of a team, which I was once a member of, it goes something like this.


So 9 AM in the morning our online marketing team leader , QA team leader and online business manager would come into IT with a cup of coffee. They then will ask us what each developer was working on. We as developers will tell them something like this

developer – “Oh I was working on fixing the rules engine for discounts, I have almost done the coding will check in a bit later and then we will deploy that to the test server”

manager – “Give us a shout when you done that I will get one of testers and QA to check it over for you”

 “I reckon arround 2-3 pm ish is fine, I will update the jira ticket anyways for you and you guys should get a notification”

 “nice one, I will leave you to it then”

……… some time at 3pm ish

“Hey Mr manager, I have updated the testserver 1 with the latest code, would you mind giving it a spin and update the ticket with your findings”

…. another hour or so later….

“hey developer, I gave it a thorough test and it looks all good to me, except for the color is wrong when the discount fails to validate”

“oh, sh**, I forgot that part, Give me 20 mins I will change and update that”

… After 20 mins

“I have updated the color , please check and let me know ASAP so I can package this up for the delivery guys”

“Perfect mate, it’s all good now, I have the approval from QA as well”

“hey guys, ticket number xyz is fixed, please check all the info and sign off on the ticket, what release have you going out next”

“Got one going out next week, but the last commits are closing tomorrow”

“cool, I will merge into that release then… and update the release documents”

“Right, that’s done, Tomorrow pick up the next ticket from Jira

…. next week

Release is completed.

Now in the story above, of course we had unit tests, integration tests etc. From tools perspective, we used Jira and that’s all.


Is this Agile?





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